Upcoming Conferences

Some of the most powerful opportunities we offer to our clients are to be found in our conference experiences. The Schlechty Center offers a variety of conferences throughout the school year and during the summer months.

Dates Details Location
11.30.15 - 12.03.15

Coaching for Design Level II

This session is a four-day intensive learning experience to develop in coaches the knowledge and tools necessary to coach their colleagues through the design of engaging work.

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Colleyville, TX
01.08.16 - 01.09.16

School Board Conference

The theme for the 2016 School Board Conference is "The Board’s Role in Causing Public Education to Thrive."

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Austin, TX
01.27.16 - 01.28.16

5th Annual St. Tammany/Schlechty Center Regional Seminar

St. Tammany Parish Public Schools and the Schlechty Center are offering a unique opportunity for teachers and administrators to collaborate and learn together.

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Mandeville, LA
02.01.16 - 02.02.16

Designing Engaging Work

Designing Engaging Work provides educators with a framework that can be used to create engaging learning experiences for students.

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Colleyville, TX
02.23.16 - 02.24.16

ENG2: Engaging the NEXT Generation

Creating and Curating Digital Content

Teachers have a unique role in creating and curating engaging resources. If you are committed to this role, this workshop is for you!    

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Colleyville, TX
04.20.16 - 04.22.16 Membersonly

Superintendents Leadership Network Institute

Superintendents Leadership Network (SLN) Institutes are open to SLN network members.

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Austin, TX
06.20.16 - 06.22.16

Schlechty Center Summer Academies

Marilyn Hohmann Principals Academy, Teacher Leader Academy, and Academy of Innovative Leaders

These three-day academies will focus on the skills, processes, and practices needed to create and lead the engagement-focused school and district. Participants will approach the work through the lens of the teacher leader's role, the principal's role, or the district or school leader's role in creating a culture of engagement.

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Grapevine, TX
07.05.16 - 07.08.16 Membersonly

Superintendents Leadership Network Institute

The Superintendents Leadership Network (SLN) Institute is open to SLN network members.

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, FL
08.08.16 - 08.10.16

Working on the Work Conference

Empowering Students to Be Knowledge Workers

Our Working on the Work Conference is designed to model a “learning platform,” allowing you to sharpen your skills in the same type of environment we advocate creating for students.

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San Antonio, TX

Can't Travel?

Are budget and travel restrictions keeping you from attending a conference? Schlechty Center can bring many experiences to your district or to your region of the country. Just let us know what you need and we'll see how we can help. What We Offer


I have seen a new side of myself! Thanks to the C4DII experience, I now feel safe to speak about my own ideas and even coach others.

Thank you! C4DII has transformed the way I will lead moving forward. By far the best training I have attended in the last 10 years!

The Teacher Leader Academy afforded me time to reflect and collaborate with other colleagues all over the country. I am very excited to be leaving the conference with a vision and a plan for leading in my school.

Gratitude to my district for investing in Working on the Work overwhelms me as a parent, a taxpayer, and a teacher!

Engaging the Net Generation was one of the most beneficial conferences I have ever attended. The focus was on the Design Qualities and designing meaningful work for learners. This conference's distinction, though, was the emphasis on the "net generation" and the connection to the digital world in which they live. Engaging the Net Generation provided opportunities for participants to network with others and create digital products with Web 2.0 tools. The conference was designed not only to emphasize the importance of design based on our "who" but to consider that our "who" is part of the net generation. I left this conference invigorated with new ideas to share with my colleagues.

Coaching for Design II was the best, most engaging and forward thinking conference I have been to. I appreciated being a part of a greater team of colleagues from around the country being able to learn, grow and challenge one another.

Checking titles at the door allowed us to be honest and network with people we don’t normally chat with.

The Working on the Work Conference was incredible. I came away with a deeper understanding of the framework and have already implemented the "systems" thinking resources into our Central Office staff meetings.

I really liked the Academy of Innovative Leaders. The engagement tools provided to think outside the education box were powerful. Too often as educators we get caught up in groupthink and we must generate or find new perspectives for innovative solutions to age-old problems.

The Marilyn Hohmann Principals Academy was the best professional development experience I’ve had!

I really started to have my “aha” moments when we had time to discuss. It’s very powerful to have a safe environment to get out what you are thinking to those who know where you are.

After Coaching for Design II, I feel ready to step up to an enhanced role. Thank you for an eye-opening week.

It was great to ask other administrators questions that I’m not comfortable asking my own administrators.

It is always great to interact with peers and share ideas. I loved the Teacher Leader Academy!

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