A problematic scenario. You shoot some video with your iPhone and e-mail it to your Windows laptop to edit with Windows Movie Maker. You open Movie Maker and import your video when suddenly you crash! Windows Movie Maker won't recognize an iPhone video. Grrrrrrr ... Or maybe you have the reverse situation. You shoot some great video with your Android phone and e-mail it to your Mac. You open iMovie and upload the video only to find iMovie won't recognize your Android video file. Grrrrrrr ... Here's another one. Working at home, you find a great video on YouTube to play in class, but your district blocks YouTube at school or you don't trust your school Internet to stream the video in class. You want to download the video to your desktop at home so you can play it in class the next day. You check your permissions and determine it is OK to download and bring the video in to your desktop. Excited, you click "play" to preview your work but instead you get that message no one wants to see, "Unsupported file format." Grrrrrrr ...

What to do? Fret no more. Help is here. Enter Convert-Video-Online to the rescue. It offers a simple three-step process that converts your video (or audio) to a format you can use.

We like that CVO does not require any registration or e-mail disclosure like other conversion platforms we have seen. If you use this tool, you will want to avoid the ads at the top and along the side.

Here is a quick tutorial about how to use the site:

We hope this post helps you "Grrrrrrr" a lot less!

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