In the world of categories, "The Engagement Connection" will get labeled a blog site. That’s a shame because, in the words of the net generation, it really is what it is,” a gathering place for ideas.

Here we hope to keep the national conversation going on engagement. Sure, we’ll post articles on the subject of engagement in general, but we plan to have a healthy dose of ideas a teacher could take right back to the classroom.

Here is a sample of what's coming:

Tired of boring professional development? You will enjoy the upcoming article “Choosing Your Next Conference.”

Thinking about digital gaming and its impact on learning and engagement? You will want to read our review of the MindShift Guide to Digital Games and Learning.

Looking to connect the Design Qualities to digital tools? We have a blog coming entitled “Digital Tools and Engagement.”

Looking for specific ways to connect digital tools with a given Design Quality? Check back for a future guest blog from Dr. Roland Rios and see how we connect it with Protection from Adverse Consequences for Initial Failures.

Getting the idea?

Yes, we’ll also weigh in from time to time on education’s hot topics and brag on the good work our friends are doing in the field, but our intent is for you to find this site a helpful source of ideas you can use. And that’s why we call it "The Engagement Connection– A Gathering Place for Ideas."

Your time is valuable. To cut your reading time significantly, we will post to Twitter and Facebook when new ideas are added. So follow us on Twitter (@schlechtycenter) or like us on Facebook. Then you will be just a click away from what interests you.

Finally, if there are topics or questions you would like us to address, drop us a line and we will do our best to address your needs. You can e-mail us at

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