Every now and then a piece of technology comes along that really grabs our attention. Such is the case with Math Snacks, a math gaming site from New Mexico State University. There are a variety of games to choose from.

Right away we were taken in by the ethics of this site. First, it is totally free. There is NO paid option that we could find. Second, there is NO REQUIRED LOG-IN. Students simply go to the website and play. Third, the site remembers players by device. If a student returns to a game on the same device he or she used earlier, Math Snacks will pick up where the student left off! In other words, NMSU has provided a quality game site free for students, and it is clear that the university's only motivation is to improve the educational experience for students.

We're gonna pause while you soak that in, clap, scream "Bravo," etc.!


Currently, there are five games: Gate, Game Over Gopher, Monster School Bus, Pearl Diver, and Ratio Rumble. These games can be played on any laptop or Chromebook. Pearl Diver and Ratio Rumble are also available as iOS apps. The games utilize excellent gaming components. They are based on stories that draw in the learner. They have superb graphics. They will come across as authentic games to students. They may initially grab the learner with Novelty. Like many digital games, they leverage Affirmation and Clear and Compelling Product Standards.

In this example, we are playing Gate. This is an entry-level example. The math gets harder quickly and the time constraints tighten.

We really like that these games have teacher guides. The guides contain shortcut keys that enable teachers to focus students on specific content.

Thanks to Tammy Poplin from Dalton Public Schools for introducing us to this excellent digital tool.

It's free. The games are cool. The content is rich. The possibilities for engagement are strong. What more could you ask for? Math Snacks!

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