Tuva is a unique data analysis tool available free on the web. It is really a very cool tool for school use. It can be used in the classroom or for school data analysis.

It is necessary to create a free account to use Tuva (Tuva Basic). Free accounts are available for teachers and students. A teacher account allows a teacher to create classes to organize and manage student work. (Tuva also offers a fee-based package called Tuva Premium, but most educators in the field report that they are able to get a lot of use from their free accounts.)

At the heart of Tuva is raw data that is uploaded by a user. Once the data is loaded, Tuva allows the user to manipulate and compare the data in a variety of ways. However, uploaded datasets become part of a library that can be accessed and used by others. There are many different datasets already available in Tuva, and teachers could design work using just the existing Tuva datasets.

In addition to facilitating work with data, Tuva also provides activities that could be customized into student work designs to suit the needs, motives, and values of students. Tuva can address multiple Design Qualities when incorporated into student work designs. Really, Tuva is all about Organization of  Knowledge. There is a certain Novelty aspect to the platform during initial use. Depending on the work design, Tuva can address all the other Design Qualities too.

The two videos below demonstrate the tool.

We hope you enjoy exploring Tuva!

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