A common concern we hear from math teachers is the struggle to find authentic math applications for their students. We often hear that "math is a process and students have to simply practice the formulas and problems." This can lead to a familiar plan for learning math, especially at secondary levels.

1. Go over homework in class.

2. Teacher presents new content with direct instruction and modeling.

3. Students practice a few problems in class.

4. Students go home with 10-20 practice problems for homework.

5. Repeat

Help is here.

TED-Ed Lessons Worth Sharing is a quality site where teachers are sharing some pretty incredible schoolwork designs. There is an entire category for Math in Real Life. Currently, there are over 70 lessons in this category. Something is working here because many of these lessons have garnered over a million views each! 

So if you teach math, and you are on the hunt for design ideas to engage your students with Authenticity or Novelty and Variety, check out TED-Ed Lessons Worth Sharing: Math in Real Life.