iPad users have long been familiar with the Book Creator app. With the proliferation of Chromebooks in schools, the app has now come to Chrome. 

eBooks can be used to address several Design Qualities in a classroom work design. Students who like to make things may value it as Product Focus. Early on in the use of the app, Novelty and Variety may come into play. Under Organization of Knowledge, students who prefer instructional strategies that use technology may engage.

Book Creator for Chrome is an excellent eBook app. The company offers extensive use for free. Here is what we we found very useful.

  • The app has many free features. Teachers can create accounts and set up a class library. Up to 40 student accounts can be connected to the classroom. Students can create ebooks or ecomics. All these features are free. Additional students and a collaboration feature are premium entities.
  • There are six different book shapes. Three are for ebooks and three are comic book templates.
  • Adding text and photos couldn't be easier. Just click the + icons to add.
  • The add-a-picture feature is set to an attribution default that allows reuse with modification. This feature is not currently part of the iPad app and we found it very helpful in the Chrome app. We created a Spiderman comic using pics that were all posted for reuse with modification.
  • Printing or downloading as a pdf is included in the free version.
  • A Chromebook is not required. Any laptop running the Chrome browser will run Book Creator for Chrome.

Check out Book Creator for Chrome and consider adding to your design tool chest.