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School Board Conference

The Schlechty Center’s annual School Board Conference is always designed around a theme that emphasizes and supports school boards as community leaders, community builders, and advocates for youth. In the last several years, the focus of the conference has been on accountability and how it is framed differently when the emphasis is on being accountable for as opposed to being accountable to. John Tanner, founder of Test Sense, has shared his thinking and work on True Accountability, the kind that is found in effective organizations. In this conference, participants will explore the relationship between True Accountability and school board accountability. The conference design will include an opportunity for board members, who are not familiar with the principles of True Accountability, to interact with John. Those who have interacted with him previously will be able to expand upon their understanding with new approaches and material developed over the past year as more and more districts have begun their True Accountability efforts. Led by Schlechty Center President, Steve McCammon, and Former President and Current Director of Strategic Initiatives, George Thompson, participants will explore what it means for a school board to be an accountable board.

We will begin on January 3 at 8:30 a.m. and conclude by noon on January 4, 2020. The cost is $600 per participant.

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