Networks for Leadership Development

Our networks are vibrant learning communities that give you full access to our premium resources as well as support from peers who are also leading the charge to transform their schools and school districts. Our signature networks are the Superintendents Leadership Network, the Principals Leadership Network, and the Standard-Bearer School District Network. We also have customized networks for different regions of the country.  

Transformative Professional Learning

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Each school and classroom is as unique as the community it serves. All of our work with school districts and staff includes custom consultation, coaching, and facilitation to address issues particular to a specific context. Our professional learning opportunities can be facilitated in your school district, in a conference setting, or online.  


The Schlechty Center has strategic partnerships with organizations across the country, such as the Texas Association of School Administrators, the Professional Association of Georgia Educators, and the American Federation of Teachers, who share a common mission to support engagement-focused schools and classrooms.